Personal Training Coaching

Personal Training

Before beginning an exercise program comprehensive Functional, Structural & Stress assessments of the body are performed maximizing client results.

Lifestlye Coaching

Lifestlye Coaching

We truly take a holistic approach meaning we look at the entire body in it’s environment as a whole and find ways to enhance function through everyday life and by focusing on what we call Daily Modifiable Foundations.

Functional Lab Testing

 Functional Lab Testing

We specialize in identifying “hidden stress” within the hormonal, digestive, detoxification, neurological and immune systems.

Increase Energy and Lose Fat


Why Choose Us

Guaranteed Results!

We are so confident in you getting the results you desire, we sign a contract with you GUARANTEEING RESULTS prior to beginning your program stating YOUR goals, then together design a plan of action of how we will achieve them.

Drug, Surgery & Gimmick Free!

Lets face it in the Health and especially the fitness industry there has never been a shortage of gimmicks… and we feel Drugs & Surgery should always, always, ALWAYS remain a last resort option if they are to be considered at all. Our goal at MD: Healing to Perform is the prevention & maintenance of an optimal state of health & wellness!


We have been in business for nearly 10 years and have helped hundreds of clients ranging from athletes to the “average Joe or Jane”, to people dealing with neck and back pain to those dealing with the mental emotional pain that comes along with not being at your best, lets face it there is always room for improvement!


We are 100% dedicated to seeing each of our clients getting the RESULTS they desire.

Knowledge vs. Wisdom!

At MD Healing to Perform we Lead By Example & Practice What We Preach.  We believe Concepts can be taught or learned from a book, but like most things: True Health & Peak Performance must be experienced in order to be truly understood! It is our opinion there is only one real way to learn something and that is through doing it yourself, it is the experience that makes it REAL!


Whatever you do in life, DO IT WITH LOVE! That is exactly what we do here at MD: Healing to Perform, what we teach has had such a profound effect on the lives of ourselves as well as those we work with it is our duty and your right to be a part of it! 

What Client’s Say

Daniel trained me for 2 1/2 months while I was in Florida, I am 76 years old, diabetic, have M.S. and lower back pain. In this short period of time I feel Daniel taught me to regain my balance, walk better and get up from the floor. He also helped me with my diet, which has increased my energy levels and supported building strength. See you next year in Florida. Thank you Daniel. You are the best!

Daniel is amazing he inspires me everyday to be the best that I can be. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does and he truly makes a difference in the lives that he touches!
Daniel has been my personal trainer for over 2 months and I can sum up his focus with me in 3 words: MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. He has taught me how to use to mind to help build both my body and spirit, Daniel is a True Master! Do yourself a big favor and sign up for a session with him!

I met Daniel last year after I had been training with heavy weights and as a result began experiencing a lot of pain in my butt (piriformis muscle) and as a result was unable to train… until I met Daniel. Daniel worked with me progressing me through specific stretching and mobilization exercises until my body was ready to have fun with the strengthening and weight-lifting training he had for me. Within a short period of time I felt I was healed, saw and felt major results. Daniel’s approach is holistic and functional, and was completely tailored to me as an individual. During my training he would generally take me through whole body workouts instead of just focusing on one area of the body and I always felt complete by the end of each of our sessions together. The results were astounding as I always felt toned all over and NEVER experienced any pain. Don’t get me wrong though he is a tough trainer, but what mattered was I always felt very comfortable, safe and in good hands! I would definitely recommend him as a trainer to anyone and everyone looking to feel better about how they move, look or feel!!
I have used Daniel as a trainer for the past few months to help resolve some painful back issues. He immediately focused on increasing and improving my overall flexibility through motion and movement as he put it, and now I’m more flexible than I’ve been in many, many years with little if any pain! I would highly recommend his services!