About Daniel

Daniel Yair Johnson

Owner & Founder
MD: Healing to Perform.

Daniel has lived “the healthy lifestyle” his entire life and as a result had built a strong healthy body which proved to be his savior when he sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at the age of 19.

In late July of 2005 Daniel was injured in a car rollover accident that resulted in a “closed head sheering brain injury”. Daniel spent 1 month in a coma, 2 months on life support and over 100 days in 3 different hospitals throughout South Florida trying to recover. After 100+ days of medical care and receiving 3 hours of therapy per day, Daniel was considered to have “reached his peak” while still bound to a wheel chair and was told that in a year and with the help of modern technology “he may be able to have a functional place in society”.

After hearing this diagnosis echoed numerous times, for a brief period of time Daniel began to loose hope and feel life as he had come to know in the physical sense come to an end… “life was over”, is what was felt when he first heard this. However this was short lived and became a critical turning point, because now more than ever Daniel was determined and convinced that it was up to him to “show them” and overcome this diagnosis by rehabilitating himself.

At this point Daniel made a promise first to himself, then to his family and friends that he would be home and out of the hospital to celebrate his Birthday standing on two feet. With determination, physical and mental endurance, the loving support of family and friends, and a little help from a walker he accomplished this first goal.

Within a few weeks the few steps with a walker were not enough of a challenge for this former competitive athlete. After searching for alternatives to standard physical therapy and coming up with nothing Daniel took his next few steps with the walker into the gym where he found what would become his “driving passion” & “personal legend” and got his start in the field of health, exercise science and all around wellness; through experience not just books and lectures. Ever since Daniel has been inspired to share what he knew would be his life’s purpose: helping others to help themselves. He does this by enlightening the possibility of seeing possibility in otherwise impossible situations, providing love, inspiration and support as well as an external source of motivation.

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before, during and after Daniel’s accident.

How can Daniel help me?
You may be asking…

Weather it be fighting a seemingly never-ending impossible battle with stubborn fat and excess weight, overcoming chronic states of Dis-Ease, struggling with a lack of energy or EVEN having to learn to walk all over again as Daniel did.

Daniel will support and HELP YOU to HELP YOURSELF or “teach you to fish“, as we have come to call it here, with the goal of achieving S.M.A.R.T GOALS that lead to what you seek.

“I cannot do anything for anyone, I only act as a catalyst & facilitator. My job is to help create and consistently adapt the environment so it is most favorable to serving YOU and may lead to your desired outcome being achieved.”

Daniel’s own Journey back to health reflects the two Japanese symbols in the above banner which stand for the term: “Kai-Zen” and may be translated to constant and never-ending improvement of self, one of our CORE VALUES here at MD: Healing to Perform.

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