NUCCA Chiropractic

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In order to really understand what NUCCA is, one has to understand the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS starts and ends with your brain, it is run by your brain through the spinal cord, and then on to all the nerves throughout your body.   Read the whole article to find the SPECIAL OFFER! When there is interference or dysfunction in the nervous system commonly due to subluxation (a “kink” that stops messages from flowing properly from the brain, through the spinal cord, into the rest of the body), then the body will cease to function properly and cause a state of disorder in ANY or MANY of the body’s organs and/or systems. The nervous system could be compared to the electrical system of the of your home. All of your surrounding organs would be appliances that are plugged into the electrical sockets in this scenario. So if things go wrong at the level of the circuit...