If they won’t eat it do you think you should?

By on Dec 4, 2012 in Real Food | 1 comment

A quick post of a picture that truly says at LEAST 1000 words! Even the ants can tell what they should be consuming… So as you can see nature knows best, all of nature follows it’s innate intelligence and KNOW’S BEST, why is it that we as humans always think we know a better way… call it whatever you want, but at the end of the day nature always works itself out, with or without you! so remember this lesson, if the little guys won’t eat it you shouldn’t either! An interesting observation I would like to point out that is reflected here is that the kitchens of the white house and Monsanto both use exclusively organic food… what I am saying is THEY KNOW BETTER, but for reasons like PROFIT MARGINS they prefer the status quo of the rich getting rich while the sick get...