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Read to the bottom to find the special offer!

Not sure how many of you out there have heard the words circadian rhythm’s before, I know I thought it was a funny word the first time I heard it.

In short they can be referred to as natures clock.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I would bet that not living as nature intended (staying up way past dark and waking up before dark) is most likely a cause for your lack of energy.

You see our bodies are programmed to begin getting tired around sundown and wake up around sunrise, your bodies do this by secreting hormones and other messengers in accordance to the sun. For the sake of simplicity we will refer to these as either catabolic and anabolic messengers, defined below:

Catabolic:  Destructive metabolism, the breaking down within living organisms of complex substances into simpler ones with the release of energy.

Anabolic: Constructive metabolism, the synthesis or creation in living organisms of more complex substances from simpler ones.

There are MANY misconceptions about catabolism and the bodies main catabolic hormone cortisol, although it is responsible for breaking things down it is not “bad” because this is done in order to create and mobilize energy.

You could not survive with out catabolism or the main “cause” cortisol, in fact I’d like you to look up Addison’s Disease (a disease where you stop producing sufficient cortisol). The only time I would consider cortisol to be “bad” is when there is a excess of cortisol present for an extended period of time, a prime example of this would be when your are under stress, you’ve all heard it before: “The Fight or Flight Reaction”. Well this reaction was designed to help us in acute situations, like once in a while; but in today’s stressful world many people find it hard to avoid this reaction and the stress just adds up, between bills at home, deadlines at work, and finding to relax alone or with family and friends!

I have included the following two images below that helped me visualize this when I first learned about this from Paul Chek is his Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Program

In the first image we see the way the body is designed to function relative to the course of a day and can be called “normal“.

The black lines represent the Catabolic messengers
The white lines represent the Anabolic messengers

In this second image we see the how we are asking the body to try and function in recent times, we call this “STRESSED“.



but ever since the advent  of electricity people began to fall further and further from there natural circadian rhythms, so I wanted to share with you a special deal I found on the kind of alarm clock I use. First of all I have black out shades, so my room is PITCH BLACK. My alarm clock simulates the sunrise, so it is almost as if I were falling asleep outside!

Check it out, this is a time sensitive deal!

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Alarm clock simulates sunrise with gradual illumination of LED lamp;
time and date display on LCD screen that can be turned off at night


    • Daniel Yair Johnson

      November 24, 2012

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      It is best, but I have to say I used something like this when I had to work a job that I didn’t get off until past midnight. I bought blackout shades and used this clock and I can say without a doubt that I slept MUCH better!

      The idea is that we try to stay as close to nature as possible :-)

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