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A group of big companies like Pepsi and Kellogg’s is spending millions to block laws that would tell us which foods contain genetically engineered ingredients.

 “Genetic engineered ingredients” means mutant plants or animals invented in a lab by combining DNA from different organisms. These unnatural creations are so different from anything seen in nature that they’re patented like a drug. But they aren’t tested the way new drugs are.

Are they safe? We don’t know for sure. The only long-term study ever done shows they might cause massive tumors and premature death in rats.

It’s our choice what we eat. But we can’t make an informed choice without knowing which foods are genetically engineered. Just like the law requires food labels to tell us about salt, vitamins, and calories, it should require similar labels for genetically engineered ingredients.

Fifty other countries, including all of Europe — and even China! — require labels for genetically engineered foods. It’s about time Americans, starting with California, had the same basic right to know what’s in our food.

VISIT http://foodact.org/ to support the movement to label GMO Foods!


  1. Strategy Plan One

    October 17, 2012

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    Genetically modifications is serious business and long term effects are yet to be determined. It is everyones best interest to ensure companies label their products. Put pressure on the system, on regulators. Great article

  2. Michelle Gilstrap

    October 17, 2012

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    The problem I have with GMO in California is that it is in California, it should be on a Federal level, why do we think we can do this in California, when the Federal Government is not doing it at all. The Federal Government is not protecting us and how can 1 state enact a law to force any company to actually label its food? This needs to come from the Feds to have any teeth. Monsanto is courting the FDA and has it own people on the commissions unless we stop them, it isn’t going to matter what 1 state does.

  3. Robert Riley

    October 17, 2012

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    There has never been a single long-term safety study conducted on any GMO. Release of untested products into the real world is just an irresponsible economic short-cut for agri-businesses.

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