Campaign to Label GMO’s in FL!!!

By on Oct 30, 2012 in GMO's & GE Food | 0 comments

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Tonight night 6:45pm at BM Organics 2960 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Fl. We will working on coalition sign ons and planning our exciting upcoming events in the area. So make sure to bring your calendar and yourselves.

This will be the perfect place to learn more about the campaign and how to get plugged into our wonderful community. It will also be the space where we strategize how we can win–and overcome the opposition to label GE foods here in Florida.

Please join us tomorrow at 6:45pm at BM Organics to help us build momentum.

Its going to be very exciting we will have our head Florida organizer who will be updating us on our progress of Florida as a whole.

Remember we ALL are part of

So if you live in South Florida join us as we work together to make a difference and finally:

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