Just when I am getting tired of writing about GMO’s…

By on Oct 17, 2012 in GMO's & GE Food | 0 comments

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I find out Dr. Oz is having a talk exploring the safety of GMO Foods, although I do not agree with everything Dr Oz says on his show I am looking forward to what will happen on his show today!

Dr Oz GMO Special

View the replay by clicking HERE

I just finished watching the episode, and didn’t think all that much of it…  First Jeff Smith the author and producer of Genetic Roulette and Dr. Robin Bernhoft came on and talked about the damage caused by GMO’s and genetic engineering (like increased cancer and inflammatory conditions) and then Martina Newell-McGloughlin came on telling everyone GMO’s were perfectly safe and when asked what she feeds her own family she responded by basically saying she trusted Genetically engineered foods more than natural foods!

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