Founder of Urban Namaste ~ Senior Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher, certified to facilitate the most advanced Ipsalu workshops and Teacher Certification trainings. She has been teaching Tantra Kriya since 2002, as well as being recognized as a practitioner of the healing arts of massage therapy and energy work since 1996 and a Reiki Master/teacher since 1999. Nayano has created a series of healing workshops and processes from her own healing journey… in her own words she describes some as “dance therapy”.As an Osho sannyasin, Nayano traveled to India on two separate occasions to study and learn more about her path as a teacher. “I resonate deeply with Osho’s philosophy of non-dogmatic, self-mastery and living with totality, honesty and full heart.

I feel intensely that my purpose as a teacher is to support others in becoming more alive, awake and to be living their truth and purpose”