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The goal we have here at MD: Healing to Perform is  to optimize function. It is our belief that in order to create the healthiest body possible, in order to reach your true God given maximal human potential, optimal function MUST be obtained and continually pursued. The reason we say “continually pursued” is the simple fact that things in life change and we believe no matter what the goal is optimal function must always come first.

By “function” we can lay down the simple definition that it is the chain reaction that occurs within and around the body must be “running smooth” in order to live a symptom-free happy healthy life!

To make my point as bluntly as possible the same way the body works is the same way it doesn’t work, the same way function occurs is the same way dysfunction occurs; that means it is all about the cooperation within the body and it’s many parts TOGETHER IN HARMONY!

Putting that puzzle together reflects a couple of things:
1. There is always more than one piece to any puzzle and 2. It took more than just one piece working together with the others in harmony to express the such simple a message… Just imagine a complex message like anyone of the millions being sent throughout your body every second of the day just to keep you alive let alone getting you up and into action; realize the fact that your body as a community of lots and lots of cells, there are estimates ranging to upwards of 100 TRILLION to give you an idea of this concept. Now all of these cells work together with other cells to makes tissue, tissue works with other tissue (made of cells) to make organs, organs work with other organs (made of tissue that makes up cells) and make up systems and these systems all work together in the body “talk” to each other through different pathways including the nervous and hormonal systems just to name a couple, and this communication is what allows for everyday function in life!

Through Daniel’s own healing and recovery, he quickly realized there is never one simple solution, and this is how the name Multi-Disciplinary Healing was born.

The reason for this is that there is never JUST one cause, it is the bodies accumulation of stress (combined from varied sources) that leads to a loss of function.

We have all heard over and over how bad stress is for the body so I know this is cannot be news for you, the only thing I want to clarify is the fact that STRESS does in fact add up!


When under stress the body has several “safety” mechanisms that allow a general balance to be kept within and allow you to bounce back. However these systems are designed for acute situations, meaning temporarily; but with the continued accumulation of stress the body is forced to compensate, when the body compensates there are consequences; just like that old saying by Sir Isaac Newton “for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction”.

THE BODY IS NO DIFFERENT… and is when your body starts to talk to you in the form of SYMPTOMS!