Daily Modifiable Foundations

The 6 Daily Modifiable Foundations
broken down into 6 easy to follow categories:

1. Thoughts / Beliefs – Furthermore our perceptions of our environment are what form our beliefs and influence our thoughts… take a second and realize it is just your opinion and/or judgement of a situation, person, place or thing and CHANGE IT if it does not serve you!

2. Breathing – Is our life force, when we inhale we are inviting energy in to become a part of our being, but it is impossible to only inhale. Inhalation and exhalation are two sides of the same coin so to speak, just like giving and receiving without practicing one you cannot have the other, you must practice both.

3. Hydration – Water, the single most important nutrient, 100% necessary for communication among the many roles played within the body.

4. Eating / Elimination -Food is the physical currency for energy, if you do not eliminate it, it becomes stagnant… think constipation!

5. Movement / Posture
- Movement stimulates the movement of energy while healthy posture allows it to flow.

6. Sleep
– Treat the body like a rechargeable battery, respect the biological clock called the sun. These are called circadian rhythms, honor them.