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What Can You Expect?

Oxidative stress can manifest itself in so many different ways, which is why product testimonials have been so variable.

Reports from Protandim users include:

*Radiant skin*
*Increased energy*
*More restful sleep*

*Enhanced immunity*
*Reduction in joint pain*
*Improved eyesight*
*Rapid exercise recovery*
*Reductions in fine lines and wrinkles*
*Improved mood*
*Faster hair and nail growth (Cellular Regeneration)*


I wish I could tell you some of the most amazing stories. But the last thing I need is a visit from the FDA!

What I openly state is that Protandim will reduce your oxidative stress by 40% and oxidative stress is associated with over 200 diseases and conditions, so I leave it to you to put two and two together.

The Current Research
Studies can be found at pubmed.gov by typing “Protandim” in the search bar.

Researching institutions include:
Ohio State University
Journal of the American Heart Association

The following conditions are currently being studied or have all showing positive benefits after the use of Protandim® was included in treatment or where Protandim® has been the sole treatment:
Skin Cancer
Muscular Dystrophy
Heart Failure
Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

There are currently 27 ongoing independently funded studies on various disease processes underway around the globe.

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  • Protandim® is approved by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) for use in all sports
    including the US Olympic
  • Protandim® is protected by: US patent # 7,241,461, US patent # 7,384,655 & US patent # 7,579,076