We believe this in the sense that we all play the same game, THE GAME OF LIFE! Therefore our bodies should be conditioned to deal with whatever life decides to throws at us. With our services we maintain a holistic view point and take all into account with the ultimate goal as always to maintain and improve health and well-being through optimal function.

The fact will always remain it is impossible to separate the body, mind or spirit from each other; so in each of our services we seek to address all three areas.

Current Services Offered

-Personal Training
Here we can say the focus is primarily in the physical realm, in a nutshell you could say with our personal training services we look to enhance function in all areas of the body through functional movement in all three planes of motion enhanced by the factors of gravity, mass, momentum, ground-force-reaction and the breath which symbolizes our life force energy. Then of course we have all of the external tools and loading variables we can bring into the game such as dumbbells, cables, bands, cables, ect. which may all be used to further tweak a given form of exercise and on top of that there are acute variables that change the game yet again including; but not limited to sets, reps, tempo & rest periods.

When function is the goal you are only limited to your imagination!
The bottom line with our personal training programs is to reduce the chance of injury, increase your functional strength and range of motion allowing you to become a better athlete in participating in the GAME OF LIFE!

-Lifestyle Coaching

Here we truly take a holistic approach meaning we look at the entire situation and look to enhance function through everyday life and by looking at what call the 6 Daily Modifiable Foundations

1. Thoughts & Beliefs
2. Breathing
3. Hydration
4. Eating & Elimination
5. Movement & Posture
6. Sleep

-Functional Lab Testing & Interpretation
Here we take a more concrete approach towards addressing dysfunction that is not picked up with the traditional lab testing, where we are truly able to uncover hidden sources of stress on the body which are keeping so many people sick and in pain!

-Wellness Seminars

A series of fun and informative presentations that have the goal of shedding light on the reasons and often hidden causes of why there is so much dysfunction and Dis-Eas in our society today that is expressed in the form of tired, sick, unhappy symptomatic people.

Seminars are created and presented by Daniel Yair Johnson and are titled:
“Why do I feel like this” – Functional Wellness Seminars