Functional Lab Testing

Specializing in identifying “hidden stress” effecting:
Neurological, Hormonal, Digestive, Detoxification and Immune Systems

The first question always asked is “what the does functional even mean”, so now I will take the time to define it as simply as possible:

Function means Work, in other words the way the body functions means the way body works and the way the body is designed to work is always together in conjunction with all of its various “parts” in harmony as a whole. An analogy to summarize this would be: what if the left side of your body wanted to go left and the right side wanted to go right, do you think you’d get anywhere… think about it you’d be stuck in a game of TUG-O-WAR with yourself, getting absolutely nowhere!

So with a functional approach we take a step back examine the systems of the body, starting with the Hormonal and Nervous Systems (the main systems of communication within the body). If we can “ease-drop” and find out what the body is really saying we have a much better chance of finding the true source(s) of STRESS that lead to DYSFUNCTION in the first place!

Once we identify where a problem is coming from, we then have a target, without a target all you can do is treat a symptom…
the following image should sum up why this is a problem:

Once we and uncover small Mal-Functions that act as clues showing where the real problem or reason for symptom is coming from in the first place…
**This is important to understand that any mal-function will ALWAYS be primary to any symptom; in fact all a symptom is, is your body telling you something is wrong!
Look the word symptom up in the dictionary and you will find it comes from the Greek word sýmptōma, the word sýmptōma simply means sign; so it is fair to say a symptom whatever it may be is merely a SIGN, CLUE, or WARNING to dysfunction somewhere else in the body!