Personal Training

The focus is primarily in the physical realm, although the fact will always remain
it is impossible to separate the body, mind, or spirit from each other
as they are all connected through the SELF!

Since we believe all exercise should be in line with a purpose or intention that you have set for yourself (the very reason why you are exercising in the first place), and that is the very definition of functional exercise, we see all exercise as having the need to be “functional”.

Our definition of “Functional Exercise” is below broken down & defined then put together & redefined as one:

1. capable of operating or functioning
2. having or serving a utilitarian purpose and capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed

1. bodily or mental exertion, especially for the sake of training or improvement of health
2. a putting into action (movement), use, operation, or effect (practice)

Functional Exercise:
1. Purposeful unrestricted free movement with the intention of “building health” while enjoying yourself through continuous practice.

Functional Exercise is based on the foundations of functional movement and the ways in which we may enhance movement trough functional movement.

The way we see functional exercise is that it needs to honor the following:
Facilitate movement through all three planes of motion being enhanced by the factors of gravity, mass, momentum, ground-force-reaction and the breath which symbolizes our life force energy. In other words in should be lifelike. Then we have all of the external tools and loading variables we can bring into the game such as free-weights, bands, cables, ect. which may all be used to further tweak a given form of exercise and on top of that there are acute variables that change things yet again which include sets, reps, tempo & rest periods.

When function is the goal you are only limited to your imagination!

The bottom line with our personal training programs is to reduce the chances of injury, increase your functional strength, stability, and range of motion which all allow you to become a better athlete participating in the GAME OF LIFE!

As with any of our services, our personal training programs are never limited to one thing. We stick to a holistic approach and include our lifestyle coaching advice and service complimentary to all personal training clients as we see them as being pieces of the same puzzle.